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Former resident Cocoa

Our ferret club exists primarily to support our ferret shelter, to keep its doors open so that we never have to turn a single needy ferret away. To keep our shelter running, and more importantly, to provide the care that the ferrets in the shelter need, we incur great expense. All ferrets in the shelter are provided rabies and distemper vaccines; ADV tested; provided only high-quality ferret diets; given warm, soft bedding to sleep in; secure cages to stay in; and provided any and all medical care that they require. The PFCS is a no-kill shelter, meaning that we do not put any ferret to sleep except for absolute medical necessity. Ferrets who come to us ill, injured, or generally kept poorly, we will rehabilitate and find a new home for. Even ferrets with cancer or other serious illnesses are provided treatment by us. The expense is significant, but we are doing for these innocent pets what a previous owner was unwilling to do.

We are funded entirely by donations and the fundraising efforts of our club members. Adoption fees do not even begin to cover the great expense we incur for even our healthiest residents; let alone the ill ferrets we care for. In short; donations are gratefully accepted and desperately needed.

You can donate to our organization in a number of ways. We accept donations of supplies or money, whichever you are more comfortable with. You can even make a monetary donation directly to our veterinarians so that you can be sure that your donation is going towards the medical care of needy ferrets.

Monetary Donations:

Sandra, Pugsley, and Haley

Former residents Sandra, Pugsley, and Haley

You may make monetary donations in three ways: a check sent to one of our official shelter veterinarians; a check sent directly to us which we will use strictly for supplies and medical care for the shelter ferrets only; or you may make a donation to us through PayPal. Again, all monetary donations are used strictly for supplies and medical care of our shelter ferrets. Donations are not used for any other personal or club purpose ever

  • If you would like to make a donation to one of our veterinarians, simply make a check out to either Boiling Springs Animal Hospital or Harleysville Veterinary Hospital, and enclose a note with your check that clearly states that you are making a donation for the Pennsylvania Ferret Club & Shelter and that the enclosed check is to be applied to the PFCS account. We request, but do not require, that you also alert us that you have made a donation by contacting us (anonymously if you wish) so we can be sure that the donation was applied. Our vets’ addresses are as follows:

Boiling Springs Animal Hospital
550 Park Drive
Boiling Springs, PA 17007

Harleysville Veterinary Hospital
391 Main Street
Harleysville, PA 19438

  • To make a monetary donation directly to the PFCS, simply send a check or money order to us at: PFCS, P.O. Box 5074, Limerick, Pennsylvania 19468.
  • Monetary donations through PayPal are accepted online! Click the Donate Now link at the top of this page. Thank you!
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