Ferret Knowledgeable Veterinarians

We can’t stress it enough: just because a veterinarian has a degree does not mean that veterinarian is qualified or experienced in treating ferrets.

By making this statement, we are not trying to disqualify the talents or expertise of veterinarians in treating other animals. Many vets may be excellent in treating cats, dogs, and other animals. But this does not mean that they are knowledgeable in the specific medical needs of ferrets.

We hear stories all time time about ferrets that were mis-diagnosed by veterinarians that simply were not trained in ferret medicine, and the results were tragic. Please don’t let that happen to your ferret! Do not feel that you are being disloyal to your vet by choosing a new vet. Your ferret’s life could very well depend on it.

The Pennsylvania Ferret Club and Shelter has compiled the following list of veterinarians that are experienced in treating ferrets. This list was created from our own personal experiences, or the recommendations of others who have had their ferrets treated by these vets. Please note: specific veterinarians are listed who may be part of a clinic or hospital that employs multiple veterinarians. In cases where a particular veterinarian’s name is listed, we make no claims that other veterinarians at the same clinic are qualified to treat ferrets. 

PFCS List of Ferret-Friendly Veterinarians

  • Harleysville Veterinary Hospital, Harleysville, Pennsylvania. Dr. Paul Wagner is one of the official veterinarians of the PFCS and is highly recommended by many of our members. Dr. Kristy Walter also treats many of our ferrets.  (215) 256-4664. Vets on call 24 hours a day for existing clients.
  • Horsham Veterinary Hospital, Horsham, Pennsylvania; Dr. Anna Edling. Dr. Edling is one of the official veterinarians of the PFCS. She is one of the best ferret surgeons in the country and has clients drive from out of state for her expertise. 215-674-1PET.
  • Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital, Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania: Dr. Jill Kulig is an excellent ferret veterinarian and has treated many, many shelter and club member ferrets. 610-367-4744
  • Radnor Veterinary Hospital, Wayne, Pennsylvania; Dr. Len Donato.  (610) 687-1550.
  • Boiling Springs Animal Hospital, Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania; Dr. Kathy A. Purcell, Dr. Karen Pittelli.  Tel: (717) 258-4575.
  • Quakertown Veterinary Clinic, Quakertown, PA: Dr. Clark is the “exotics” specialist on staff though others may be able to treat your ferret as well. 24-hour emergency care available for clients and non-clients. 215-536-6245.
  • A special note about the Veterinary Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania (VHUP), Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Rosenthal is the “ferret expert” on staff and she is highly competent in ferret medicine. However, VHUP is a teaching hospital and up to 100 veterinarians are on staff 24 hours a day. Some have training with ferrets. SOME DO NOT.  Veterinary students at UPenn are NOT required to take any coursework or do any practical experience with ferrets or exotics. Please keep this in mind when choosing to use VHUP. See “emergency care” below for more information. For appointments: (215) 898-4680; For emergencies: (215) 898-4685. No appointment is needed for emergencies but they ask that you call ahead.


Please do not wait until you have a ferret medical emergency at 3AM to find a veterinarian who can help after-hours. Did you know that most veterinary hospitals outsource their after-hours emergency care to emergency clinics? That means that in the middle of the night or on the weekends, when you call your veterinary hospital, you won’t see your beloved trusted vet, rather you will be referred to an entirely different clinic that may not have any experience in treating ferrets at all. Many veterinary clinics in the suburban Philadelphia area refer out to MetVet (Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital) in Norristown, Pa. We have had multiple very bad experiences with the care provided at this facility for ferrets and have had numerous reports of bad experiences from other ferret owners and we cannot recommend their care at this time. 

Find out if your trusted ferret vet has 24 hour emergency care (not referred out), and if they do not, make sure you have a back-up plan for emergencies. Some things you can do:

  • If you are within driving distance of Harleysville Veterinary Hospital (see information above), consider switching your care to them, or at least make an appointment with them to become an “established patient.” They offer 24 hour care for existing clients and we recommend them highly. Make an appointment NOW before you find yourself with an emergency!
  • Quakertown Veterinary Hospital (see information above) also offers 24 hour care (even if you are not an established patient). We would recommend them above VHUP in an emergency.
  • Ask who your veterinarian refers to after-hours and inquire about their experience with ferrets. If in doubt, make a well-check appointment to meet the veterinarian and ask questions.
  • If you have no other options, VHUP is always available (see information above, and warning).

Please note: the appearance of any veterinarian on this list does not constitute any endorsement of any veterinarian or guarantees of care. The PFCS will not be held liable for any adverse results that may occur during or after treatment of any of the vets listed on this page. This list is merely a list provided of veterinarians who, we believe, to be qualified and experienced in the treatment of ferrets.

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