Early Registrant Contest

Win Raffle Tickets with our Early Registrant Incentive Contest!

Contest Details

This contest has been a hit with our registrants, so the tradition continues! To help prevent the last-minute surge of entries (which send our registrar to the loony bin), we’re offering an incentive for registrants to enter as soon as possible after registration opens. Be among the first to register online for Fandango, and you could WIN RAFFLE TICKETS for our ever popular raffle table, where you can win tons of awesome goodies for you and your ferrets!

EIGHT lucky registrants will win $10 in tickets for the PFCS Raffle at Fandango… and TWO will win $20 in tickets!

All you have to do is submit your complete registration online for Fandango and you could be one of our lucky winners.


$20 in tickets will be awarded to the VERY FIRST registrant for Fandango.

$10 in tickets will be awarded to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th registrants for Fandango.

And to keep the entries coming in early, even for those who don’t think they’re one of the first…

$10 in tickets will be awarded to some random and “still-early-but-not-first” registrants: the 7th, 12th, 15th, and 17th registrants.

Finally, just for kicks, we’ll give a 2nd grand prize of $20 in tickets to the 13th registrant… Lucky 13! Why? Just because we can. And we’re fun like that.

WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED AFTER REGISTRATION CLOSES. We’d love to let you know if you’re a winner as soon as you register; but we can’t, or else others could find out how many registrants there are! So… sorry to make you wait, but we will let you know after registration is closed who our lucky winners are!

Rules & Fine Print

Each registrant can win only once (you can’t register each of your ferrets under separate registrations). A valid registration is one that is complete, with at least one ferret registered in full for the show. If you submit multiple registrations (i.e., to add a ferret later on), only the FIRST registration will be considered.

Registration order is determined by the time stamp generated when a registrant submits his or her registration. The database logs a time and an e-mail is sent to the registrar upon a finalized registration. Be sure you click the link to finalize your registration.

Registration date and time is determined by the time stamp of when your registration is originally submitted – not the time at which payment is received. Therefore, even if you’re paying with a check, you have as much of a chance of winning as a PayPal payer. However, if we do not receive your payment by the time registration closes, you will unfortunately be disqualified as a winner and we will randomly choose another winner in your place. This contest is only open to ONLINE registrants, to encourage everyone to register using our online form. You can still mail your payment, however, if you do not wish to pay online. For registrants without a computer, it is acceptable to ask a friend to submit the registration online in order to qualify, then mail your payment by the entry deadline.

In other words -just be fair and honest – this is an honor system, we’re just trying to have some fun here so play fair and don’t ruin the fun. :=)

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