Shelter Services

The PFCS operates and supports two full-service ferret shelters, and also has a network of foster homes that help care for some of our special needs ferrets. We are a “no-kill” organization, and as such will not euthanize any ferrets admitted to our shelter except in the case of medical necessity. Ferrets in our shelters are provided nothing but the best in care while they await placement in loving, permanent homes. The PFCS screens all adopters thoroughly prior to placing any ferret in a new home and provides ongoing education and support to prospective or current ferret owners.

Ferrets are admitted to our shelters as space permits. We accept ferrets regardless of their age, temperament, and medical condition. We test all ferrets in our care for aleutian’s disease (ADV) and provide all necessary vaccinations. Ferrets that are ill or have medical conditions are provided all needed veterinary care. After an appropriate waiting period (which varies depending on vaccination status and health), ferrets are then placed for adoption.

Our shelter facilities are home-based, which means ferrets are in the care of their “Shelter Mom” at all times. Because our shelters are located in our Directors’ homes, shelter hours are by appointment only. Our shelters are located in Harleysville and Enola, Pennsylvania, and between the two, cover the entire eastern half of Pennsylvania as well as parts of New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. Adopters interested in providing a home for ferrets in our shelters are welcome to contact or visit either or both of our shelters. Ferrets surrendered to the PFCS are typically accepted into the shelter location nearest the surrendering party.

Forget-Me-Not Ferret Rescue – Enola, Pennsylvania

Forget-Me-Not Ferrets is run by Shelter Director Tracy Acker out of her home in Enola, Pennsylvania, near Harrisburg. ¬†Tracy has been one of the most dedicated and active members and fosterers of the PFCS since she joined in August, 2000. In October, 2004 Tracy took the leap and began sheltering for the PFCS. Her experience both as a foster home and her many, many hours volunteering for our shelters made her the perfect candidate for sheltering herself. Tracy’s only problem: when shelter ferrets come to her, they never want to leave!

Little Rascals Ferret Rescue – Harleysville, Pennsylvania

Little Rascals Ferret Rescue is located in the Harleysville home of Shelter Director Betty Ruth Yerger. Betty first came to the PFCS when she applied to adopt from us in 2003. A longtime animal advocate and owner of many types of pets, Betty had never owned ferrets but had been interested in them for years. She ended up adopting three ferrets, Perkie, Wednesday, and Friday, and with that, she was hooked. Soon after, Betty began fostering for the PFCS and quickly became one of our most valuable foster homes — she always had room to help when our shelters were full, and would take in large groups, older or ill ferrets, and even ferrets with behavior issues such as biting. By the time she officially became a shelter branch for the PFCS in May of 2009, she already was housing nearly as many ferrets as a full-service shelter, so the transition to Shelter Director at that point was merely a formality.

In addition to her own personal ferrets, Betty shares her home with a menagerie of cats, bunnies, and birds. In her spare time (what spare time?) Betty enjoys tennis, walking, biking, and music of all kinds. She sings in her church choir, S&G Chorus, and Valley Choral society. She also likes to garden, sew, knit, and crochet – and she makes a lot of the ferret bedding the PFCS sells as well as most of the bedding used in her shelter. With all that Betty does, we’re pretty sure that she never sleeps.

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