Ferret Boarding

We get many requests from ferret owners who are looking for a safe place to board their ferrets during vacations or other short- and long-term trips away from home. Many traditional boarding facilities only accommodate cats and dogs, and even those that will accept ferrets may not provide the daily runtime and other requirements unique to ferrets.

Ferret Sitting Recommendations?

If you are a provider of pet-sitting services, or know of anyone who is, and are experienced and comfortable with boarding or caring for ferrets, we’d like to hear from you. Please contact us and let us know the details of the pet-sitting service, experience with ferrets, contact information, etc.

The PFCS may be able to help with your boarding needs. Our shelters can only accommodate boarders when there is shelter space available. Because our shelters are often filled to – and beyond – capacity, we are unable to provide personal boarding services when we are full.

However, the PFCS is a 100+ member ferret club, and oftentimes, club members are willing to provide private boarding services to those that are in need. If you are interested in having a PFCS member board your ferret(s) for you while you are away, please contact us and let us know the dates that you are in need of boarding, along with as much information about your ferrets, any special needs, etc. We will then post a message to our club’s Yahoo Group asking if anyone is interested in helping.

Before requesting boarding/ferret-sitting, please read the following disclaimer:

  • There are no guarantees that our shelter and/or club members will be available/willing to board/ferretsit during the time that you are in need, but we make an effort to pair you up with someone in your area.
  • Club members offer their time/home to board as a courtesy. Boarding by a PFCS club member is outside of the realm of the PFCS’s services. We do not endorse or recommend any specific club member. We make no guarantees about the level of care that will be provided. The PFCS serves only as means of introduction. You should speak to and/or meet in person with any club member who is offering to board your ferrets ahead of time and be sure you are comfortable with the arrangement.
  • Any fees that would be charged are determined by the club member offering to board. The PFCS does not set or require that boarding fees be charged. Many club members choose to charge a boarding fee, which they in turn donate to the PFCS as a way to help raise funds for the PFCS.

If you would like the PFCS to help find a club member available to board your ferret(s) while you are away, please complete the form below. Please note, the more advance notice you can provide, the more likely we are to be able to find someone for you.

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