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Winter FandangoAfter careful consideration, we are sad to announce we will be canceling our 2015 Winter Fandango.

Many of our loyal exhibitors, as well as judges, have expressed concern about a winter show and potential travel issues. With dwindling attendance at our shows and other shows, already resulting in very little profit for our shelters, we felt that we have no choice but to cancel the winter show. Not only would it potentially affect funds that our shelters need, with the threat of low exhibitors, show classes may have fallen under required limits to count towards titles. We feel that is unfair to those who may have made the trip to the show and are working toward earning titles.

Though we are unable to secure a spring date at our hall for 2015, our Fall Fandango show WILL be held On October 3, 2015. Anyone who has a discounted sponsorship from Fall Fandango 2014 will be able to use it at Fall Fandango 2015. We thank you all for your support and understanding! Please help us as well as all shows by attending and registering as many ferrets as you can. Our shows are our biggest fundraisers and sadly many shows seem to be in danger of disappearing. Please support the shelters!

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